The Zenzari way

‘Brand management is our passion and business growth is our expertise.
We continuously aim to bring the right brands to the right markets, in
the right way’

Riaz Mohammad

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    Global reach

    We believe that great brands should travel everywhere. That everybody should have access to them. And that we need to empower all the forces involved in making that happen effectively.

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    Changing the Game

    We believe in changing the status quo. In changing the game. In creating a paradigm shift in trading and brand management.

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    Effective Management

    We have created the optimal business model to realize this vision and we manage brands effectively, everyday.

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    International trading and brand management

    We import and market great brands from Europe in the GCC region and from the GCC region in Europe.

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    True value

    We get involved and we take pride in executing our strategies effectively so that it creates value for everybody.

Ready to Market

Our Services

Local presence, cultural knowledge and strong relationships are key factors to success in the Middle East and Europe. Business in new markets takes time and requires patience, and we know the importance of building lasting relations to our local clients. With our roots in Denmark and a presence in the UAE, we are building bridge and securing an efficient and transparent solution for our partners and clients.


We handle everything from procurement, import, research, brand management and marketing. We serve our partners multiple needs through our services, and furthermore, we understand the industry standards and the market needs.

Import and Brand Management

We manage all imports ourselves and make sure that the products are ready for distribution. This involves getting the products authorised, labelled and approved for the individual markets, running a bespoke ERP system and thus making it easy for our clients to place an order and receive the delivery immediately.

Market Research and Data Analysis

We use Euro Monitor and Nielsen data to analyse categories, channels, growth and opportunities to continuously stay ahead of the game and source and place the right products in the right places. This includes creating custom-made marketing plans for our suppliers and partners complete with go to market plans, pricing analysis accurate forecasting in stages.

Our Brands

We focus on quality F&B brands mainly from Northern Europe and the GCC and with an emphasis on our home regions: Scandinavia and The U.A.E.

Our brands are characterized by their quality, design and function, and they are tested and proven in many markets. Moreover, in many cases we know the people and producers behind the brands personally and feel their passion. This personal relationship and passion is reflected in our efforts and work with the brands. Our job is to build the brands up from scratch in the GCC and the European region.

Slowly but surely, we will add other fantastic brands to our portfolio. One brand at a time.

My Goodness

Simply Chocolate


Tika Chips

Pure Chocolate

British Crisp

SunBlast Juice

Kitco Chips

Mood Espresso

Partners and Customers

Our Partners and Top Customers

We are grateful to state that we work with the best. Partnerships are extremely important to us. They determine our success in any given market and they help us to accomplish our ambitions.

We count companies such as the Hayaat Investment Group and Mezzan Holding Co in our portfolio of partners. They are part of the reason behind our success and we truly cherish them as our friends.

We have managed to develop strong relationships with major retailers across all channels, in the markets we operate in. We value this very highly and continuously work on exceeding our mutual expectations to each other.

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